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With About-Paris we want to make your Paris experience all that it should be. A trip to Paris, the world's favourite city, is a trip to a city that lives up to its many clichés, 'the city of light', 'the city of romance', 'world fashion capital'. As well as its sophisticated, glamorous and bohemian side, Paris also has its seedier side but its rich cocktail of life will have you light-headed soon after you arrive.

The most difficult aspect of a trip to Paris is getting here, then trying to find your way around when you do. Then embracing a culture that may be a lot different to your own.



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 This is where we hope to help, by providing information and answers to questions, before you leave, thus saving all your time in the beautiful city that is Paris, to indulge yourself in its greatest pleasure...the city itself.The unique sights, sounds and smells of the city will quickly make the first-time visitor know they are experiencing something quite different and even as they gaze at scenes they have seen many times before, whether in films, television or in paintings, they will be seduced by this wondrous place. So what can we help you with?