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The two-wheeled mode of transport is very popular in Paris for obvious reasons and is in evidence throughout the city in its various forms. You will see individual cyclists, touring cyclists as well as bicycles from the 'Vélib' rental scheme.

You can rent a bikes in Paris called Velibs ( vel for vélo "bike" and lib for "liberty"). These can be picked up at any metro station or anywhere there's a stand ("borne") of bikes, there are over 20,000 bikes available apparently, you can ride around for half an hour for free as long as you return them to another Velib' stand within the period. Stations are said to be within 300 mtrs of each other - ! think if you want to use them you should pay the very reasonable .€ 1.70 for the day (using a credit card) or for the more adventurous  €8.00 for the week.



  We like the way they have tried to make them look as cool as possible (French designer of course) - though I'm not so sure about the baskets! Where we can understand their practical nature I think it diminishes some of its 'cool', maybe they should offer some 'basket-free'.  The official website for the bikes can be found here...