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The world's most advanced train, whisks you through the famous Channel Tunnel taking you between London (St. Pancras) and Paris (Gare Du Nord) in record time (2hrs 15min.) and in very comfortable surroundings. Your seat is reserved for you after you book. For 'Business Premier' and 'First Class' passengers meals are included. Like most forms of transport nowadays it is non-smoking.



Gare du Nord
London to Paris
Gare Montparnasse







Smooth and efficient travel between London and Paris.


Although low-cost airlines offer some very good prices to Paris you have to factor in the additional time and costs to get to and from the airports, which are outside the city, as well as the stress!

The Eurostar service is direct, board the train in the centre of London and disembark in the centre of Paris!
No lengthy check-ins or hassle getting to and from airports!
London to Paris: 2hrs 15mins - hourly service.

The first Eurostar train departs from St. Pancras station, London at 5:25 am and arrives at Gare du Nord station, Paris at 8:50 am.

The last train departs from St. Pancras station, London at 8:05 pm and arrives at Gare du Nord station, Paris at 11:26 pm.

The journey from London to Paris takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.


Check-in times

'Business Premier' tickets or Eurostar carte blanche - 10 minutes
Standard & Leisure Select  tickets  -  allow 30 minutes

For special travel needs ( wheelchair etc.) allow 45minutes.If you need assistance please ask a member of staff.


You can make a reservation 120 days in advance when prices are much lower.


When you arrive at Paris Gare du Nord you exit the train and walk to the end of the platform where you pass through the glass security doors. There are no passport control or other 'landing' formalities here and you are 'clear to go'.   


You have now arrived within the main concourse of the station.



Depending on where you are going next you have the option of onward travel by RER train, the metro system, taxi or even walking!. Your choice will be influenced by a number of factors, where your hotel is located, whether you are travelling light, if you are travelling further afield and of course your budget.


You turn to your left to head for the metro and RER stations, you will see the overhead sign giving you the direction to head in. Head downstairs to the second level and train and metro entrance.





You can buy your metro ticket from the ticket office or machines on the main concourse or on the second level. A single ticket will cost you €1.70 or €12.70 for a book of 10  (Carnet). One ticket covers any journey within the central Paris Metro system. The machines have instructions in English.

Tip: You can by metro tickets onboard the Eurostar from the buffet car you pay a slight 'mark-up', around €15.00 for 10 tickets

Finding a taxi is easy at Gare du Nord you just have to follow the blue Taxi signs pointing towards the western end (to the right as you exit the trains) of the station leading to Rue de Dunkerque where you’ll find the taxi rank.The queues can be long - it may take twenty minutes to get to the front if you hit a busy period. There are options for pre-booking a taxi or shuttle van where you will be met at the station with someone with a signboard with your name.



Plan of the station courtesy of the Eurostar website







Below is a good video from 'Rail Europe' about the Eurostar to Paris...




...and this one for onward journeys.



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