Driving in Paris and using the the peripherique



Our advice is don't do it !!!.....use another form of transport


If you have come to France only to experience 'The City of Lights', that is Paris, then we recommend you avoid the driving adventure entirely. If you need convincing not to drive in Paris check out the video below. This is at the notorious roundabout at the  Arc de Triomphe The roads are not all like this but for your first time in the city or your sanity, maybe it is best to avoid driving. If you touring Europe by car then you may have to - although you might consider parking your car in one of the station car parks in the suburbs and picking up the RER train and taking this into central Paris - it is inexpensive and easy to manage as once you are in the city its transport network means you won't need your car!



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You will have to know where your destination in Paris is located  before decidng on your access to the city. You set out following the signs to Paris centre and as you get closer to the city you need to know what direction on the circular ‘peripherique’ you need to take, west or east. You can reach the heart of the city off the peripherique (see below) from any direction, north south east or west. then head west.


Check with your hotel or holiday provider as to which exit on the peripherique to take. We would advise you to try and get into / stay in the the two right-hand lanes as this should increase you chances of actually reaching your preferred exit.





The video above will give an indication of what the drive is like - though you should take it a little slower ! 


The motorbikes add a different dimension to the journey - you just have to be aware of their presence. You can turn off the sound!



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 Journey time between exits/gates are now displayed on illuminated overhead panels. Exit signs for each gate into the city are given plenty of time in advance so as not to miss them, make sure you position yourself correctly, in the right-hand lane. It is a good idea to try and stay out of this lane, traffic permitting, until you are close to your exit or you can very easily, like many before you, head off on the wrong slipway. There are four lanes for the majority of the route but it also goes down to three and up to five lanes in places. You should also be aware that vehicles entering the expressway from the right have priority over vehicles already there. The speed limit is 80 km/h (50mph),  Watch out for the speed traps.


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